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History of The Infernal Legions

A copy of the Infernal Legions.

The Infernal Legions is a grimoire containing detailed information about demons and how to summon them. Of particular note is its section on the Solomonic Demons. Due to its evil reputation, it has been banned in most star systems.

It was written in 2100 by Judas Ephialtes, a wealthy banker from Tel Aviv. Originally known as Chaim Rosenberg, he was born in 2066. At the age of 30, he took an interest in the occult. For the next four years, he vigorously studied the dark arts. Once he had mastered them, he summoned the nine Kings of Hell and swore his soul to their dark lord. In exchange, they gave him the name Judas Ephialtes and bestowed upon him perfect knowledge of demonology. He then put this information into a book which he named The Infernal Legions.

He used his newfound powers to enter the ranks of the global elite and influence them to his own ends. It was he who crafted the global enslavement plan that would evolve into the United Earth Government. He lurked in the shadows, giving orders to the bureaucrats who subsequently did his bidding. By sacrificing children to Satan and his minions, he managed to live to the age of 155. The book he had written became very popular among the elite, who used it to gain even more wealth and power for themselves. Later on, an anonymous individual made a digital copy and spread it across the internet. This copy was translated into many different languages and used by Satanic cults around the world.

On February 22, 2222, Judas Ephialtes died in a mysterious fire that destroyed his mansion. The Great Collapse occurred at the same time. The United Earth Government ceased to exist and the world broke apart into thousands of warring tribes and polities. All the various Satanic cults fled into the shadows and continued to produce copies of the grimoire.

During his conquests, John Brown Jefferson learned of the grimoire’s existence and was appalled. After he became Emperor of America on July 4, 2276, he outlawed Satanism and blasphemy. He also created the Catalogue of Blasphemous Material, a list of banned books and other media, and The Infernal Legions was the first item to be added. Over the next few decades, the government destroyed every copy of it they could find. Similar blasphemy laws were passed by other countries around the world, pushing the tome even further into the darkness.

The grimoire found its way to Mars in the year 3333, shortly after the major nations of Earth started sending their criminals there. It spread among the underclass and eventually became the foundation for the Martian Church of Satan in 5066. After the American Empire was restructured into the New American Republic in 4820, the Catalogue of Blasphemous Material was abolished and the tome regained its underground popularity. After the American Empire was re-established in 5005, the book was banned once again.

The tome also found its way to other parts of the Solar System. In 5006, shortly after the Martian War for Independence, an unknown Martian brought a copy to Jupiter. In 5086, it served as the foundation for the Kult ov the Red Storm. In 5013, the book reached Saturn, and in 5103, it served as the foundation for the Kult ov the Black Cube. It reached Uranus in 5566 and Neptune in 6066. It then reached Pluto in 7566, where it was rumored to have been used in Project Plutonia.

After the establishment of the American Technocracy on April 10, 8000, the ban on the book was lifted. At first scientists saw it as a superstitious novelty, but over the centuries they were drawn to its promises of power and secret knowledge. Copies of the tome were then taken to Vega. After all the Technocracies of Earth were destroyed during the War of the Black Sun (8814-8818), the grimoire once again faded into obscurity.

Shortly after Charles Sutherland was crowned Holy Solar Emperor on December 25, 10,800, the book was banned throughout the entire Solar System. All physical copies (save for one kept in a high security vault in the Vatican Archives) were hunted down and destroyed, and unauthorized possession of it was punishable by death. This ban was then extended to all territories that came under their dominion. However, the grimoire remained legal in the Technocracy of Vega, and even found its way to other races throughout the galaxy.


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