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HD 5251983-A Eridun Digital Tablet Translation

Translated by Doctor Kathleen Aberdeen, Director of Eridun Linguistic Studies at the Otrera Institute of Science.

...Raqqa-Shamash, great planet on which we stand, blessed are your beautiful green fields, bountiful are your farms and orchards, sparkling are your waters. Almighty God smiles upon this planet, from the majestic northern mountains of Dar-Raqqa-Enlil to the fertile valleys of Bel-Kadath-Raqqa. Our magnificent mirrors shine light upon its entire surface. The whole planet teems with life, from the colossal schools of Qarqar fish in the waters to the colorful flocks of Shuba birds in the sky. The Sharlash worms bring nutrients to the soil, and the tall Ebi trees grow in their wake.

This planet was once barren, but we came and gave it life. The skies turned blue. The ice caps melted and the waters filled the empty spaces. The green grasses spread across the surface and we, the Eridun, followed soon thereafter. We built wondrous cities and temples, and soon our planet became one of the many bread baskets providing food to the whole empire.

May God continue to bless us with abundance and prosperity...

[The rest of the data is too corrupted to be translated.]


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