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The Accelerationists' Declaration of War Against the United Earth Government

[The following message was published to the internet on August 28, 2214 A.D..]

The flag of The Accelerationists

Hello, United Earth Government. We are The Accelerationists.

We have been watching you for many, many years. We know of your corruption, your decadence, your depravity. The atrocities you have committed are too numerous to list. The tyranny you have inflicted upon the world has become too horrible to bear. That is why we, The Accelerationists, came into existence. We are a force of righteous vengeance, a bringer of retribution. We do not seek political power. We do not seek reform. We seek your complete and total destruction. For the good of all mankind, we will burn your evil system to the ground and let the wind scatter the ashes. We are ready and willing to fight a long and bloody campaign against you, for time is on our side. You think yourself all-powerful and unstoppable, but you will not rule forever, for your allegiance to dark powers and your delusions of godhood will be your undoing.

You cannot hide, for we are everywhere. We cannot die, for we are forever. Our ranks grow larger every day. All of our members have suffered persecution at your hands. You have taken away everything we have ever cared about. We have nothing to lose, and the only thing more dangerous than a man with nothing to lose is an army of men who have nothing to lose. Though our tactics parallel your own, we are nowhere near as monstrous as you. You will doubtless use our actions as justification for even greater tyranny. This is not only acceptable to us, but encouraged, for the more intolerable conditions become, the more people will rise up against you.

The complex systems you have created to control the world will not save you, for they are your greatest weakness. If even one small part breaks, it will cause a cascade effect that will destroy the whole machine. It’s already beginning to fall apart. Blackouts, train derailments, plane collisions, and supply line disruptions are now commonplace. We are merely flooring the gas pedal, so to speak.

We are The Accelerationists. We are the barbarians that will destroy your evil empire. Expect us.


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